How To Improve Your Home's Window Efficiency

Windows are notorious for allowing energy to flow in or out of your home. During the summer, this forces you to use more energy to cool your home, and in the winter, it makes you crank up the furnace to warm your home. If you're tired of high energy costs, check out these five ways you can improve your current windows' energy efficiency. Put up Some Shades or Blinds Shades and blinds are one of the easiest things you can do to help stop the flow of heat through your windows. [Read More]

2 Cork Floor Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

If you are an environmentally conscious person and want new floors in your home, then consider placing cork in your house. Cork is harvested from cork trees, and the collection process does not harm the trees. This means that cork is renewable and there are no chemicals that are used to process the cork to make flooring materials. Cork cannot be cleaned like regular flooring material though, and many people make mistakes when they try to remove the dirt and debris from their floors. [Read More]

How To Haunt Your Home With Packaging Paper

As Halloween approaches, you may be making plans about how to decorate your home for this spooky holiday. You might not want to spend a lot of money decorating, but you want to get the most creepy decorating potential with as little effort as possible. This window design idea will transform your entire home's exterior into a haunted house with simple supplies and packaging paper. Supplies you will need to spook-ify your home this Halloween: [Read More]

A Light Touch: Kitchen Remodel Window Ideas

As the heart of your home, the kitchen is where you're likely to spend many daytime hours. This is because the kitchen is not just a space to prepare or eat meals, it's the first place you're likely to go when you come home, the place where bills are deposited, and where heart-felt conversations are had by your and your family. One way to create a more open and inviting space in your kitchen is by lightening the mood of the decor and design. [Read More]