6 Diseases Rats Carry

Rats are known for being unsanitary creatures, so the idea of them roaming through your house can make your skin crawl. However, even if you keep your home very clean, there is always the possibility of experiencing a rat infestation. These creatures not only chew through your furniture; they also carry many diseases that can make you and your family members severely ill. Here are six diseases rats carry: Rate Bite Fever [Read More]

Purchasing A Home With A Well? What Do You Need To Know About Filtration And Maintenance?

If you've recently gone under contract on a home with well water, you may be wondering what you've gotten yourself into. Well water can provide a number of health and safety benefits -- however, this water source requires a bit more maintenance on your part than simply opening the tap. Read on to learn more about the filtering and maintenance you may be required to perform to keep your well in good working condition. [Read More]

Bathroom Remodeling - Tub And Toilet Suggestions For Tall People

If you are an extremely tall person who is well above the average male height of five feet eight inches or the female height of five feet three inches, then you may find that your bathroom is just not suited for your height. This may make it uncomfortable for you to complete tasks in the room. Well, if you are undergoing bathroom remodeling, then you have a wide variety of options available to you. [Read More]

How To Improve Your Home's Window Efficiency

Windows are notorious for allowing energy to flow in or out of your home. During the summer, this forces you to use more energy to cool your home, and in the winter, it makes you crank up the furnace to warm your home. If you're tired of high energy costs, check out these five ways you can improve your current windows' energy efficiency. Put up Some Shades or Blinds Shades and blinds are one of the easiest things you can do to help stop the flow of heat through your windows. [Read More]