Bathroom Remodeling - Tub And Toilet Suggestions For Tall People

If you are an extremely tall person who is well above the average male height of five feet eight inches or the female height of five feet three inches, then you may find that your bathroom is just not suited for your height. This may make it uncomfortable for you to complete tasks in the room. Well, if you are undergoing bathroom remodeling, then you have a wide variety of options available to you. Consider the following items to make sure your home meets your height needs.

Soaking Tub

The average or standard bathtub that is likely in your home is probably about 60 inches long and 30 inches wide. If you have a rectangular one, then it may only be 45 inches long at the base where it has tapered down from the top edge. These types of tubs probably leave you with very little room to stretch out your legs. A soaking tub will provide you with the space though, especially since some of the largest varieties span 6.5 feet. These bathtubs are usually quite wide as well, since the bigger ones are made to accommodate two people at once. If a bathtub this spacious does not appeal to you, then think about a more average sized soaking tub that is somewhere between 60 and 72 inches long. 

Considerations to Make

If you do decide to add a big soaking tub to your bathroom, then think about purchasing a freestanding or a claw foot variety to save on space. These types of tubs are not solid around the base, and you can use the extra space around the basin to stack towels or other items.

Also, since soaking tubs are made to hold a great deal of water, then you should think about buying a tub made out of lighter weight fiberglass or acrylic materials. Porcelain and cast iron materials can add a lot of weight to a bathtub that can hold hundreds of pounds of water along with the weight of your body. While most homes are made to support thousands of pounds of weight across the wooden joints, too much weight in one area can cause sagging floors over time. 

Tall Toilets

You also have options when it comes to your new toilet. Toilets are typically about 12 inches high. However, if you are tall, then you likely have problems with your knees. Since your legs are longer, then you place more torque and stress on the knee joints. This is especially true as you sit down and the knees create sharp angles when your feet sit on the ground. The angling can cause ligament and cartilage damage as well as chronic pain. If you are overweight, then your knee pain is likely worse.

If your knees bother you, then you should do everything in your power to eliminate the pain, and this means sitting so your knees make at least a 90 degree angle. A high toilet can help you with this, especially since you are likely to spend between 85 minutes and an hour and 45 minutes sitting on the toilet each week. 

Considerations to Make

You can find many toilets that come in 14 inch heights if you want a standard one. If this is not high enough for you, then think about a 17 or 19 inch toilet. These varieties are sometimes called comfort toilets, and they may be created to comfortably seat elderly individuals or people with disabilities. Specifically, the added height makes it easier for people to move themselves from their wheelchairs to the toilet seat. While you may not have special needs, the height of the toilets that meet ADA requirements are likely the best for your height needs. You may want to go with a wall-hung toilet too, since you can set the height where you want.