How To Haunt Your Home With Packaging Paper

As Halloween approaches, you may be making plans about how to decorate your home for this spooky holiday. You might not want to spend a lot of money decorating, but you want to get the most creepy decorating potential with as little effort as possible. This window design idea will transform your entire home's exterior into a haunted house with simple supplies and packaging paper.

Supplies you will need to spook-ify your home this Halloween:

  • Roll of light brown or tan colored packaging paper from a place like Export Crating Pack-All
  • Roll of black packaging paper
  • Duct tape
  • Sharpie marker
  • Spooky online silhouettes
  • Transparency paper
  • Chalk
  • Scissors
  • Rubber cement
  • Medium-sized box, at least 12-inches deep
  • Cell phone with a light

Find and Copy Spooky Images

Your first step is to go online and find some spooky silhouettes or images that you can turn into Halloween silhouettes. Creepy images that you could use can include bats, giant spiders, witches at a cauldron, ghosts, monsters, rats, or pumpkins. 

Once you have found the images you would like to use to turn your home into a haunted house, trace them onto a transparency sheet. You can do this by taping the transparency sheet right onto your computer's monitor and trace the image onto the transparency sheet. Or you can print the image off onto the transparency paper. 

If you want to free-hand draw some of your favorite Halloween silhouettes onto the transparency paper, you can do this with the sharpie marker.

Build Your Own Projector

To get the spooky silhouette from the transparency page blown up into a larger size to fit your windows, you will need to create a projector. 

Cut an opening in one end of the empty box, so you have an opening large enough for the projected image to shine through. An appropriate sized cut-out would be about 6-inches by 8-inches. 

Insert the first transparency into the opposite end of the box, with your cell phone set behind it. Turn on your cell phone's light and shine it through the transparency image, and out the cut-out of the box. Shine the image onto a wall of your home. 

If you want the image projected larger, move the projector box away from the wall. If you need your image smaller, move the projector box closer to the wall. 

Draw Your Spooky Silhouettes Onto Paper

Measure the size of your windows, and roll off equal lengths of the brown and black packaging paper that will cover each of your windows. For wide windows you may need to glue together separate sections of paper, with rubber cement, to cover the entire length of each of your windows. 

Tape the first piece of black packaging paper onto the wall and adjust your transparency box so that the image is the right size to fit onto the paper. Using the chalk, outline the image from the transparency onto the black paper. Cut out the chalk outline silhouette from the black paper and glue it onto the brown paper using the rubber cement. 


Now you will be ready to hang up the silhouettes in different windows of your home. You can get creative with the different room's windows in your home, haunting each window differently. For example, the witch brewing her cauldron could hang in your kitchen window, and bats could hang in an upstairs bedroom or attic. You can even decorate smaller, basement windows with silhouettes of rats and skeletons.

Once you have all the windows in your home hung with their paper silhouettes, turn on your home's interior lights and let the haunting begin. To make sure that the silhouettes in your windows are constantly illuminated, turn on a lamp at each window. This way you won't need to turn on all the lights in your home so you can save on your electricity bill.