A Light Touch: Kitchen Remodel Window Ideas

As the heart of your home, the kitchen is where you're likely to spend many daytime hours. This is because the kitchen is not just a space to prepare or eat meals, it's the first place you're likely to go when you come home, the place where bills are deposited, and where heart-felt conversations are had by your and your family. One way to create a more open and inviting space in your kitchen is by lightening the mood of the decor and design. Here are just a few ways that you can use a light touch to brighten your kitchen-remodeling project with well-placed window features.

Here are just a few window ideas to consider when you're updating your kitchen:


One of the easiest ways to add natural light to your kitchen is to install skylights. Today's modern skylights come in just about every size and shape that you can imagine. Additionally, some of the latest skylight designs allow them to open to provide extra ventilation and some even darken to prevent excess radiant heat during the summer.  Spending a bit more money on modern skylight windows can give your kitchen update an elegant touch, while also lowering your heating and lighting costs.

When considering skylights for your kitchen, it's important to make sure that they don't interfere with your home's rafters. Unless your rafters are exposed, this means you'll need to locate your home's blueprints or climb into your attic to figure out where your rafters are located. You will need to complete this step before you're able to obtain a building permit from the city to add skylights.

Cabinet Accents

Some of the least used spaces in any kitchen are the very top cabinets that can't be easily reached without the aid of a stool or chair. You can turn these sparsely used spaces into windowed accents.

Mini-Picture Windows: Mini-picture windows situated in the space between the top of your cabinets and your ceiling are like portholes on a ship, brightening an otherwise dark space. If you choose these types of windows, it's important to space them evenly to create a symmetrically pleasing look.

Runner: A runner is a long, narrow, window that runs the length of your cabinets. These windows work best in kitchens with lower ceilings or rooms with a particularly wide footprint. Situating a runner window on the shortest side of your kitchen can instantly make it feel longer.

Cathedral: Cathedral windows are often recessed and divided into four panes of glass. These types of above-cabinet windows pair well with vaulted ceilings. You can integrate these windows into your kitchen design by matching the window frames with your crown molding for a smooth, cohesive style.

Window Gardens

You can tap into the popularity of the organic and locally-sourced food movement by creating your very own window garden in your kitchen. Although the window directly in front of the kitchen sink is often a popular spot to put a window garden, you will need to make sure that your window garden design doesn't obstruct the window's clear sight lines.

You can create a less obstructive window garden by adding small windows on either side of the main window above the kitchen sink, if you have one. It's important to place these small windows at the corners of the larger window; this will prevent the containers that you use to hold your plants from casting shadows on each other.

Updating your kitchen's windows is a critical part of updating the space. If you're planning a kitchen-remodeling project it's important to choose windows that make the space inviting and elegant.